Overview of Website Hosting

Website Hosting is the function of providing a platform in a secure and reliable location, such as Data Centers, to enable access from the Internet.

Gironet offers Website hosting services that is both affordable and reliable. Our Website Hosting packages start at only R20 per Month and offer advanced features such as CPanel and Softaculous App installer.

How do I get a website?

In order to get a website you will need the following;
  • Domain Name. This is the Gironet.co.za or Microsoft.com part. Registering a domain name is quick and easy and you can register your domain name though Gironet by checking if your desired name is available on our Website Hosting page. Simply enter the full name you want to register in the search box. Domains names have a once off registration fee and and annual renewal fee. This differs among different Top Level domains names such as .com, .net or .co.za and range from about R80 to R300. 
  • Signup for a Hosting Package. This is space on the server and server time, Internet connectivity and reclaimable power, backup and so forth. If you have a small website you can start with a small package and upgrade as you require. Very Large websites may require their own dedicated servers and some may require several servers or cabinets. Gironet offers website hosting packages starting at just R20 per month and offer very good value for money.
  • Website. This involves coding to create a website which is what you are looking at now. Through our partner network Gironet can assist you with a reliable and cost effective website designer. You can also do this yourself and advanced Content Management systems just as Joomla and Wordpress can make this much easier, but will still require a learning curve for the novice.  Gironet website hosting packages are fully compatible with many different CMS systems and we also offer the Softaculous App installer that will install the required CMS for you at the click of a button, launching your website in seconds.

What is CPANEL?

CPanel is an advanced Hosting Control Panel. Through this easy to use interface you can manage every aspect of your website, setup email addresses, databases, subdomains and much more. CPanel is the leading Hosting Control Panel and an essential. Gironet offer CPanel with our our packages even the cheapest. See our Hosting page for more detail on packages. CPanel is often not included by Webhosts.

What is Softaculous App Installer?

Softaculous App installer is a program that installs software for your website at the click of a button. It will install Joomla, Wordpress or many other pre-build websites for you easily quickly. Softaculous makes deployment of a website much easier and faster taking a lot of the configuration out of the way. Like CPanel, Softculous is often not included by default and mare require additional subscriptions. Gironet offer Softaculous as standard with our packages


Please see our hosting page for pricing and package information. If you have any questions or require something other than our standard services please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance, guidance or any other help.