Outdoor & Long distance Wireless Networks

Outdoor Wireless networks is mostly used to extend your office WiFi coverage beyond your home or office. This can be used to extend your Wi-Fi coverage to outdoor entertainment area's, the perimeter of your property or to connect different buildings together.

Perimeter wireless enables you to provide, for instance, CCTV monitoring of your perimeter, this is excellent for larger office parks, entertainment venues, car parks, schools and other outdoor activities.

We use a wide variety wireless products depending on the specific requirements, cost and design goals. Some of the considerations when designing an outdoor wireless network include:

  • Intended use of the outdoor wireless network
  • Safety and Security considerations
  • Size of the required coverage area. More wireless AP's may be required
  • Importance (Mission critical, e.g. CCTV or fire detection systems, may require a fully meshed design)
  • Throughput requirements (up to 10Gbps possible)
  • Cost

Why setup an outdoor Wireless Network.

Outdoor Wireless networks are very popular and is often deployed as a cost saving mechanism. Common reasons for setting up such a network include;

  • Connecting one or more buildings to each other. This enables you to establish high capacity dedicated links between the buildings. This has added benefits such as internet access consolidation, long term costs savings, centralised management and consolidation of previously diverse services.
  • Connecting remote equipment back to the main building. These may often be CCTV equipment, remote fire detection systems, voice applications. Connecting distributed equipment allows you to control and monitor from a central location. Example would be a CCTV control room monitoring the perimeter.
  • Enabling connectivity to non-office areas. Customers, clients and staff can connect to the network from outside. Security guards may now be able to view security footage on a smart phone or tablet while walking a round. They may be able to be contactable on voice over wi-fi without 2-way radio or expensive cellular, this can be done with WiFi enabled handsets or software installed on a smartphone.

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