Fixed Wireless Internet Access

We provide Internet access to home and business clients. We implement fixed terrestrial Wireless Internet Access which is extremely cost effective method of high preformance Internet Connectivity and have significant advantages over normal copper, ADSL or even Fibre optic Internet Access.

What is Wireless Internet Access?

Wireless Internet, or specifically Terrestrial Fixed Wireless Internet, is a connectivity medium that provide high Speed reliable Internet access over terrestrial links. This means the signal is not relayed via a Satellite, resulting in significant throughput and latency improvements over Satellite Internet Access.
This also means deployment of the Internet Access link require the installation of a small dish on the client premises, and unlike Fibre, ADSL or other copper delivery methods, deployment require no trenching and is therefore inexpensive and quick.

Advantages of Wireless Internet;

  • Quick Implementation time frames. Average installation times from order is 3 days. 
  • Cost effective;
    • Installation costs are very little compared to Fiber
    • Monthly costs are competitive with other connectivity methods
  • No usage CAP. ADSL and fibre is often capped or shaped. We provide clean, un-shaped, uncapped Internet
  • Very low contention ratios. Our contention ratios are about half of ADSL, meaning your internet is less likely to become slow or over contended.
  • Equal Upload and Download speeds on on Standard and Business packages.
  • Can be combined with other products such as Off-Site backup where your Internet Speed increases to accommodate the backup
  • Short contract periods, Month to Month options are available.
  • Quick problem resolution times.

More information about products

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More information is also available on our Wireless Internet Access page.