• Wireless Internet

    Wireless or Fibre Internet

    Managed Ordering and Installation

    Order your Fibre as easy as 1-2-3. From Application to Installation Gironet assist you through every step taking away the uncertianty.Let our trained and knowlegable staff Manage the entire process on your behalf.

    Wireless Internet Fibre Internet
  • Wireless Internet

    Wireless Internet

    Wireless Internet for Home or Business

    Gironet offers Fast and reliable, uncapped and unshaped WiFi Internet Access at affordable prices. Ask your Wireless guy today for packges that will suit your budget

    Wireless Internet
  • Wireless Internet

    Fibre Internet

    Fibre Internet for Home or Business

    Unleash your world with unshaped and uncapped Fibre Internet. Ask your Fibre guy today for packges that will suit your budget

    Fibre Internet
  • Wireless Internet

    As easy as 1-2-3

    Get your home or business online now!

    From Internet Connectivity to Website hosting, home Automation or voice services, Gironet has the experience and Knowledge to assist you. We offer high speed Wireless or Fibre Internet access to home and businesses to suit your needs. Ask your Fibre and Wireless guy today for great deals

    Wireless Internet Fibre Internet
  • Custom Packages

    Our GEN-2 Network

    Faster and Cheaper

    Faster and cheaper Wireless Internet access with our GEN-2 network. 10Mbps @ only R599pm, Uncapped and unthrottled, Fast and Reliable. Much higher speeds also available. Ask your Fibre and Wireless guy today about joining our network

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  • Custom Packages

    Unbelievable Fibre deals!

    1Gbps Fibre Connection @ only R1 495pm

    Need More Speed? Uncapped, unshapped and pure fibre THROUGHPUT Speeds from an affordable 10Mbps all the way to lightning 1000Mbps, We are here for you! Ask your Fibre and Wireless guy today about joining our network

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  • Wireless Guy

    Ask the Wireless Guy!

    About all your home and business WiFi needs

    For Wireless Internet Access or home and Business WiFi. Ask the Wireless guy about our great solutions to your Wireless problems

    Ask the Wireless Guy
  • Fibre Guy

    Ask the Fibre Guy!

    about your Fibre needs

    The fibre word can be confusing, terminology and so many options.Ask your Fibre guy today for great deals and solutions

    Ask the Fibre Guy

Voice and Data

Ready Network

All Gironet Fibre and Wireless connectivity are fully Voice and data ready. Seamlessly run both voice and data on the same line at breakneck speeds and crystal clear clarity. Save up to 90% on your voice costs.

Safe & Secure

Advanced Security available

Over and above a managed Firewall protecting you Gironet also offer advanced services, often at no additional cost, to protect your home and business from Internet Dangerous. 

High Availability

Reliable and SLA's available

Gironet services are supported by a redundant core network build on the latest fibre and wireless technologies ensuring high availability and peace of mind for home and Business customers alike.


Internet Access
R150 /Per month

Packages from 1 to 50Mbps

  • Uncapped
  • Unshaped
  • Public IP Address
  • Voice Ready
  • Low / No Contention
  • Month-to-Month


Internet Connectivity
R645 /Per month

Packages from 10 to 100Mbps

  • Uncapped
  • Unshaped
  • High Availability
  • Voice Ready
  • Low / No Contention
  • Month-to-Month


VoIP and Telephone Services
  R75/Per month

Crystal clear Voice services

  • Free On-Net Calls
  • Rates from 2c/Per Min
  • Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • Available Anywhere
  • Month-to-Month


Affordable Website Hosting
R20 /Per month

Hosting to suit any budget

  • C-panel Admin Panel
  • Shared or Dedicated
  • Includes Softaculous
  • Reliable Servers
  • Teraco Hosting
  • Month-to-Month

Safe & high-speed Internet

Reliable Internet Services with NO Hidden Costs

Gironet is a Licenced Internet Service Provider (ISP) utilising the latest technology to provide seamless Internet Connectivity services to Wireless and Fiber Customers across South Africa.

We offer high availability and customer-centric support setting our Broadband Internet Services apart from competitors.

Our redundant Core Network ensures high availability, low latency and superior customer experiences to your urban and rural customers alike.

Optional Services, often provided for free, ensures that you are your family can be protected from Internet dangerous such as Phishing, Pornography and other dangerous websites.

What can you expect?

  • What you Pay is What you Get

    No hidden costs on our products. Pricing is VAT inclusive and include all rental and other "hidden costs".

  • We take Privacy Seriously

    POPI compliant. Our customer list is confidential and we do not track your online habits, nor do we sell your contact details or any identifiable information.

  • Rapid Response

    We sort issues out quickly. No waiting for weeks for issues to be resolved.